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Careers with Team Hodnett Realtors


  Join the Sharon Hodnett Team!

Ranked in the Top 1000 Agents Nationwide and Top 100 in North Texas



According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of real estate agents fail out of real estate within the first 5 years. The reason is simple: Agents fail to earn enough income to stay in business. At Sharon Hodnett Real Estate our agents create thriving real estate careers. Your income is limited only by you! Top Opportunities to work luxury properties from team provided leads and calls targeted to high income areas.


3 Things Separate Sharon Hodnett Real Estate Agents




Sharon Hodnett is Your
Personal Success Coach

Majority of Your Expenses,
Leads & Staff Covered

Small Team, Family
Culture & Luxury Brand



Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Paid for You


What is Paid for You?
Your staff, leads, signs, sign riders, lockboxes, copies, business cards, thank you notes, flyers, presentations, folders, marketing fee charged by Keller Williams, database software, paperless closing software, open house signs, access to Boomtown CRM, Mojo triple dialer for lead generation, Vulcan7 for lead generation , etc.
Your Leads are Emailed Daily
We average 5 leads per day per agent. Leads are rotated through the Boomtown pipeline as they become available. Lead sources include, sign calls, Facebook ads, paid buyer leads through search engine optimization and key phrases
What Fees Do you Pay?
License ($400/yr), MLS ($105/qtr), E&O ($300/yr)
How Much Should You Expect to Earn?

Our first year agents earn $65,000, our average agent earns $127,000 and our top agents earn $200,000+ per year






We treat our clients and our co-workers the way we expect to be treated, with respect and honesty. We respect our client’s privacy and we protect their interests throughout the entire process. With integrity comes trust, and our goal is to earn trust from the first handshake and throughout the transaction and beyond.

Jack Mitchell wrote the book “Hug Your Customers” a concept we employ at our company. It means we go the extra mile for our clients and we strive to create a positive impact in their lives. This culture starts at the office between our team of colleagues and it permeates to our clients and their families We are accountable for results, to our clients, to our co-workers and to ourselves. We measure our performance in order to constantly improve. Accountability means that we do what we say we will do, and we keep track of our commitments to ensure we follow through. In most real estate transactions, an issue or multiple issues will arise at some point during the process. By maintaining a positive attitude, we focus on the solutions and not the problems to ensure we are best able to navigate our clients to closing and accomplish their real estate goals. The real estate industry is constantly changing. We stay current with the latest market trends and cutting edge real estate technology to provide our clients with the best representation and the highest possible value. We meet every week for new training. The Keller Williams office is a learning based company and multiple classes are offered each week to improve your knowledge base.


About Sharon Hodnett Real Estate

Over the past 28 years, Sharon has coached and mentored agents into top producers in record time.


It’s simple: Massive Opportunity. Our office generates over 1,100 real estate leads every month of high-end people who are considering buying or selling a home in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We are looking hard-working people who have sales skills and high integrity to call these opportunities and convert them into closings.

Team Culture

Culture of Success

Hugging Team Culture

Cold Calling Required Daily

• Your Success in Life = The Expectations of Your    Peers
• Our team is composed of successful, high- achievers. If this is you, you will fit right in
• Hugging means you go above and beyond to help people
• This makes our team more like a family and less cut-throat
• Our agents make 2 hours of Cold calls per day from 8am-10am
• They make 80 calls, talk with 20 people, and set 1 appointment each day before 10 am