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Why You Should Hire A Buyer’s Agent

Why you should hire a buyer’s agent


The thought of owning a home is exciting.

It can also be scary for any number of reasons.

Most home buyers aren’t aware of the 88 different variables that need to be proactively managed for a home purchase to go successfully. What’s worse is that missing just of them could cost a buyer tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

A lot of folks think that going directly to the listing agent to buy a home is a good choice because they believe they’re going to save a lot of money.

In many cases, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that the listing agent represents the seller and will do what they have to legally, ethically and morally to get their client the best deal — not you.

The good news is that you can hire someone who will help you through the home buying process. Their job is to make sure that your interests are protected and that you are represented in every facet of the home purchase.

A buyer’s agent specializes in making sure buyers find the perfect home at the perfect price and to negotiate contracts to protect home buyers’ interests. A buyer agent’s main priority is making sure you, as the buyer, get the absolute best deal for the home that meets your needs best.

Here are some great reasons why you should hire a buyer’s agent.

You don’t pay the buyer agent’s fee

The buyer gets paid from the transaction. When the listing agent takes the seller’s listing, he negotiates a fee that compensates him/her as well as the buyer agent. So, when you hire a buyer’s agent, you’re not writing a check to the agent or paying them for their services. They’ll get paid at closing with the amount already agreed upon long before you buy the home.

Understand what makes a good home

Buyer agents are regularly going in and out of homes. Because of that, they know what makes a good home and what doesn’t. she will have an experienced eye when attending walkthroughs. Tell-tale signs of damage or modifications will stand out to buyer’s agent and she will pass that information to you. Armed with what the buyer’s agent’s trained eye has noticed, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.



A good buyer’s agent knows how much the homes in your market that work for you should cost. As well, they’ll know what it will take for you to secure the home without over paying for it. Plus, they can let you know how the market is impacting home sales and if the home you want to buy is the right home to buy at that time. They can save you hours of time and thousands of dollars in the home-buying process.

Help you keep a level head

Buying a home is easily one of the most emotional purchases you’ll ever make. The bad news is that getting emotional when buying a home can often have a negative impact on then process and the end result. Having an agent who is not emotionally attached to the purchase will ensure you have someone with a level head on your side when the seller doesn’t want to play nice with you when negotiating your home inspection.

Help you write an offer in your favor

Once you put your name on the dotted line of a purchase and sales agreement and sign it, everything changes. That’s because a real estate contract is legally binding agreement and something you shouldn’t take lightly. Buyer’s agents are trained on how to write an offer that gets you the best price, terms and conditions while protecting your confidential interests along the way. Your agent will also ensure that your contract includes contingencies that will allow you to walk away from the contract to purchase if you see something you don’t like.

Explain the home buying process

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a large number of moving parts involved in helping someone buy a home. Not knowing how those parts work, and more importantly, how they work together, could cause you some serious problems during and after the home buying process. A buyer’s agent can explain the process to you so that you not only understand it, but also so that you make the right decisions along the way. Guidance from a skilled agent when buying a home is invaluable.

Professional negotiation

Real estate agents do a lot of things for their clients, but nothing is more important than the negotiation effort they put forth on home purchases. From purchase and sales agreements to home inspections and everything in between, an agent skilled at negotiation is going to save you a tremendous amount of time and money and make sure that your interests are represented properly. In most states, if an agent doesn’t represent you, they automatically represent the other party in the transaction. What this boils down to is them using your money to get the other party the best deal.

That’s not what you want.

Protecting yourself against any future problems with the home you’re buying and to make sure you get the best deal on the home you want is priority number one for your buyer’s agent. Whatever you do, make sure you only enter into a contract with a professional to guide you through the details of your contract

Hiring a skilled buyer’s agent to help you navigate a home purchase is always the right call. It costs you nothing, but helps you tremendously in so many ways.

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